Start of the Journey / by Yu Serge Lau

Right now, local property market is bad. Despite some still hitting the top sales person every month, lets face it. The cooling measures implemented have curb the property prices from surging. Stock markets are fairly slow but slightly on the bull side. However, to succeed means not looking at what is happening now. Rather, it means having the guts to TAKE ACTION on what lies ahead.

Time for a break?

Bad time to invest? Not meeting sales targets? That happens to even the best of us. Since there is nothing you can do, why not try this?

Do what you have to do. If it works, it works. If it doesn't, well, it doesn't. (Wait am I telling you it is about time to give up? If that came to your mind, read my motto again!) No, I am not telling you to give up and stop. In fact, I am going to give you 3 specific course of actions.

Just keep swimming swimming swimming - Dory, Finding Nemo

Option 1: Learn

What do I mean? Simple. Find something new that you think is going to aid you to do better or help in catapulting you into a new market.

Example of the things I have learnt this year.

1. Diving - A *new* skill I picked up just for the fun of it. Literally I made the decision when a good friend of mine offered me the opportunity. After-all, why not? It gave me new friends (SUTD Dive Club, you know who you are) as well as another topic for the time to come when I meet a fellow Diver! Gain > Loss. Value = Up.

2. Real Estate Salesperson Course - Said earlier, property market is bad and many are leaving the market. To me, I saw it as an opportunity to learn now and prepare for when the market rebounds. In Singapore, land is scarce and the government wants to hit a population of 6.9 million by 2020. Put those 2 information together and *BOOM* property sales has to increase.

3. Investing - I started my brokerage account with DBS Vickers, bought some stocks. All this of course with research and after much readings!

Option 2: Read

Learning something new does not mean you have to start from ground zero. You can read about people's past experiences and books are a real great way to start. You can bet your ass I have read some books written by Realtors who started from nothing. Fedrick Eklund is my man of this paragraph. *high-kick* If you know who he is then you too, know your stuff.

Option 3: Re-learn

Sure, we all get a little complacent sometimes and not see the need the look back. However, I ask you give me that little bit of trust and look back. Been 40 years in the field? Not progressing further? Are you still number 1? No? Ever wondered why? No? DUDE. WAKE UP. If someone new is beating you, a veteran with 40 years of experience, you should seek out the guy or look back and find out what you can do better. 40 years. Seriously man. Wake up. Get back into the grind. You can do better than that!


Believe me when I say, KEEP MOVING FORWARD! Nobody knows what the future holds. Neither do I. But I do know 1 thing for sure. If you stop today, the world continues moving. That young chap has 1 less man to catch up with and the salesperson has 1 less competition off the charts. And with that, I wish you all the Happy New Year as I take my retreats on the cozy shores of Lombok, Indonesia till the year to come.

Stay tuned for a review of my trip to the island next to Bali!